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Your AI, your Responsibility

Utilize a suite of configurable AI shields to easily deploy safe, secure, and responsible large language models (LLM).

Respo Shields:

Your superpowers to safely unleash Generative AI.

Topic Shield

Assists your LLM to stay on topic, focused on the desired conversation, flagging distracting or off-task responses.

Privacy Shield

Assures your sensitive data remains private, and your AI complies with privacy standards and regulations, such as GDPR or HIPAA.

Security Shield

Enables the detection of AI jailbreak attempts and ensures safe answers despite malicious intent from the user.

Moderation Shield

Aims to flag and moderate inappropriate content revolving around themes such as sexual activity, toxic language, and violence.

Constitution Shield

Ensures that your AI responds in ways that are aligned with the specific values and principles that guide your work.

Scalable Responsible AI

To maximize the benefits of AI, we must think carefully about how it's built and used. Our mission is to help people tap into the potential of LLMs with caution.

Respo' LLM-agnostic shields can help people safeguard Generative AI, effortlessly align it with their values and mitigate vulnerabilities.

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Benefit from LLMs Minimize risks

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Revel in the simplicity, versatility, and power of Respo Shields, forming a valuable toolkit that enables enterprise-level LLM usage in various domains.






Content Creation

Deploys instantly

Respects your privacy

Rapid Deployment

Integrate Respo Shields swiftly, without changing your solution architecture.

Privacy First

We do not store any of your organization's data, prioritizing your privacy.

Trusted by people working at

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Two plans

No catch

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Free (evaluation) plan


Enterprise plan

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As a Public Benefit Corporation, we will never store or use your LLM data for any purpose.


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Dr. Stergios Tegos

Senior Engineer


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Dr. Apostolos Mavridis

Senior Engineer

Web, AI

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Dr. Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

Lead Designer

Learning Experiences, Professor

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Let's collaborate!

Respo is a Public Benefit Corporation, operating in EU and USA as of 2023.

We welcome researchers, developers, and AI enthusiasts to collaborate with us in our mission for a safer and more responsible AI-powered future. Will be sharing more soon. Stay tuned!

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